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Kenyan designer dares CBK to unveil ‘real notes’ as sketches go viral

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Radio Africa’s Dicky Hockie did not expect as much attention as he has received when he attempted designing new notes for Kenya.

It was “trial and error”, the digital department employee says, but there has been excitement on social media.

“I got the idea after seeing leaked notes designed a few weeks ago. I thought they could be better so I noted down the idea and worked on them during the Christmas break,” he says.

In an interview on Thursday, Dicky says he did it for fun and that he did not have sketches of bank notes.

“It was completely trial and error. I had never done this before so it was a combination of thorough research and guess-work.”

But the 30-year-old said his designs were a major improvement from what the country currently uses.

“I liked them. I am an artist … a graphic designer … I wasn’t joking. I really tried to make the best-looking notes I could … I did the designs in my free time just for fun.”

Dicky is also a creative strategist by day and co-founder of by night.

“In both my roles, I am able to do artistic work almost all the time so I’m in a good place as an artist.”

By NANCY AGUTU, @nancyagutu

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